Off Subject Photography

Considerations For Website Photography

You’re having a new website built and need fresh content. You schedule a photographer to take pictures of your business, but it’s hard to imagine exactly what you need.

Because website images are often used in varying compositions, including as background images behind text, there are a few things to consider. We are all conditioned to prefer images with the subject as a focal point, but if images are used as a background, the text needs to be the focus. We’re also used to images being cropped to only include necessary elements, but if we don’t know whether or not the image needs to be used in landscape or portrait orientation, or what aspect ratio it needs to have, we don’t want to limit the web designer’s options. Actually, variation is key.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Shoot plenty of both landscape & portrait orientation
  • Shoot product close-ups but leave room for cropping
  • Take some photos with the subject off-center
  • Consider that some photos are needed as background images
  • Shoot photos both including and excluding people
  • Send images to your web designer in high resolution

How do you know if a photographer is right for the job?

Professional photographers are available with a variety of skills and niche expertise. You can get a feel for the photographer by viewing his or her own website portfolio, sure, but do their skills match your need?

It’s not just the skills of the photographer that needs consideration, but also their style and vision. Some photographers are set on only producing naturalism, although, in reality, I would argue there is no such thing. See my rant below*.

Another thing to consider is how long it will take for you to be able to deliver photographs to the web designer. When you hire a photographer, ask for a delivery date. This is often weeks past the actual photoshoot, so this is the date you need to give your web designer. You don’t want your project delayed because your photos get stuck in your photographer’s post-production/editing queue for weeks.

*We often think that photos are only true to reality if they haven’t been edited, but in truth, the camera lies. Haven’t you ever taken a picture of a vibrant sunset, only to be disappointed that the photo is far from the true colors you saw with your naked eye? In this example, bringing the colors back in the editing process gives you a more truthful representation. This is just one example, but I think you get it!

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