Photos from My Travels

I do not call myself a photographer, but I do love to travel and capture the beauty of what I see. Visit My Travels page to see where I’ve visited in the world to date.

Santorini, Greece 2015

Constantly surrounded by beauty and serenity, that’s what Santorini is like! Incredibly blue skies, white homes & stones, olive green branches. A panoramic view of the archipelago accompanied by a pleasant breeze. I have so many memories from this trip; the juicy explosion of biting into the most delicious olive from the cheese tray served at the wine tasting at a vineyard. We didn’t plan to stop here but happened by while exploring the island on a rented ATV.

Photo Editing

After EditBefore Edit

Pure fantasy here – new sky, broken light turned back on, palm tree reflections on a stirred water surface, but it looks cozy, right?

After EditBefore Edit

A new sky and its colors are reflected in the surroundings. If only we could live in a rosy stylized world!

After EditBefore Edit

Fixing light bulbs via Photoshop, in the upper balcony, and in the lanai.

After EditReunion Golf

Florida too has its dreary seasons. It’s not a tropical paradise year-round. And those ugly light poles in the distance are only needed in the real world, not in our fantasy.